Studio Specification

Recording equipment including :

  • Roland VS1680 16 track digital hard disc recorder with full editing software

  • 2 x AKG C3000 condenser microphones

  • AKG D3700 vocal / snare drum microphone

  • AKG D112 bass drum microphone

  • Peavey XRD 680S 8 channel 200W PA

Instruments including :

  • Takamine EN-10C semi-acoustic guitar

  • Yamaha 9000 Custom Recording drum kit

  • Yamaha Clavinova

  • Yamaha Sound Expander EMT-10 effects module

  • Encore bass guitar

Full PC set-up including :

  • PC mastering / normalisation software

  • Thousands of drum loops and instrument samples

  • Shure Thing CD labelling and business card production software

  • Redbook compliant Plextor 12x CD burner

  • Full INTERNET access

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Greg Sinden
Mary Leay
Ian Holdaway

Artists :
who will miss mary...?
Paul Connelly
Richard Wright
The Playfair Steps
Jennycat Music Productions
Ed Wilder

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who will miss mary...?

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