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The story so far...

Mary Leay and guitarist Greg Sinden start composing in 1999, escape from native East Grinstead to play virtually every acoustic night in the country and gain startling early praise for the EPs 'who will miss mary…?', 'Without You' and 'Live at the Kashmir Klub'.

Bassist Ian Holdaway and drummer Tim Thornton completed the line-up in 2002, followed shortly by the release of the mini-album 'Safe', constant gigging and major events such as the London City Showcase, where The Guardian pronounced them “the highlight of the day," adding that “singer Mary Leay’s range, delicacy and power would shame any Pop Idol contestant."

The summer of 2003 saw the Marys play the Sesiwn Fawr festival followed by a stupidly fantastic tour of New York City in the autumn to enormous acclaim, and in 2004 came 'Over', followed by the Off The Tracks Festival and the Uncut Stage at Guilfest 2004, their first major festival performance. 

2005 saw the arrival of Dom Goundar on drums, a huge gig at the Garage and an obvious re-booking for Guilfest 2005, supporting Hayseed Dixie back on the Uncut Stage. Following the departure of the lovely Tim and Dom that September, and the introduction of Jonny South on drums early on in 2006, the band played gigs throughout the year with new material including another glorious summer Sunday at Guilfest 2006 on the Ents24 Stage with The Waterboys to complete their hat-trick!

More recently there have been some exciting changes. Greg & Mary have decided that after 7 fantastic years of recording and 159 gigs it's time to explore different avenues of music and take a few chances. Mary heads towards the path of solo artists and songwriting along a more country/bluesy style whilst Greg is looking forward to recording 'Lay Down', 'Sooner Or Later', 'Go', & 'Heading For A Fall' under the WWMM? banner with a few twists, some friends new & old and a variety of vocals. Mary and Greg most sincerely offer each other the best of luck with their future projects and are sure one day their paths will cross again in some musical form or other. Good luck!

We'd both like to thank everyone who over the last 7 years has given their support to the various WWMM? line-ups. Firstly Ian & Jonny for being very patient whilst we all work out what's going on from here, those who have come to our gigs, played with us, promoted us, recorded us, considered signing us, done legal stuff, given us advice, let us play at their venues, financed us, bought the CDs and kept us going with a few pints and a chat every now and then! We're very grateful.

Watch this space over the next few weeks for more news, take care and enjoy 2007...

Greg       xx

Contact (e-mail) : Greg Sinden       Tel : 01273 708820        Mob : 07941 336829



Over                                                                                                    March 2004

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1. Over

2. Blessed



Safe                                                                                                 January 2003

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2. Too

4. Here With You

6. Thank You

7. Safe

8. Almost in Time (remix)

9. She Don't Know (remix)



Live at the Kashmir Klub                                                                      April 2001

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1. Found My Angel Waiting

2. Safe

3. Precious

4. I Walk With You Sometimes

5. Someday Maybe

6. Almost in Time

7. I Say You Say

8. Right About Now

9. Radio



Without You                                                                                    October 2000

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1. Radio

2. I Walk With You Sometimes

3. Found My Angel Waiting

4. I Say You Say

5. Without You

who will miss mary...?                                                                          April 2000

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1. Right About Now

2. A Better Man

3. Shame

4. 1 Holt Park

5. Back To Liverpool

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