The Playfair Steps

Distilling pop, rock, soul, folk and country influences (some have likened it to the Velvet Underground meet the Beach Boys) into a unique blend that is wholly their own, The Playfair Steps have captured a deeply personal and playful pop sound.

Please Yourself is their new full-length debut album. Consisting of 13 glorious tunes of catchy laid-back acoustic pop and soulful harmonies, it might be, to borrow a line from one of their songs, "your bright sky in the dead of winter". London's Riverside FM recently featured two songs from the album, "Funny Notion" and "Better Man", on their drive-time show.

The songs are written and sung by Michael Ogden. To contact him in London, please use the details below.

Contact (e-mail) : Michael Ogden       Tel : 0207 603 1755       Mob : 07944 858826

Please Yourself                                                                                August 2002

1. Funny Notion

2. What's Good

3. Do You Know

4. Better Man

5. How Do I

6. Your Name

7. King Size Bed

8. Silent Kid

9. She

10. Wish

11. Same Blue

12. Angel Overhead

13. Glimmers Become Figures

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