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Shopping List Celebrity is the first solo effort from Richard Wright, formerly of Duotone. Richard, the self proclaimed "pioneer of Self Mock Rock" has drawn on various influences, including Ben Folds, Richard Ashcroft, Neil Finn, Clearlake and The Eels, to produce this 5 track EP.

Shopping List Celebrity encapsulates Richard's unique voice and ear for the melodic, and there are plans afoot to start gigging the material with a 3 piece band.

Life in the Bus Lane was the result of Duotone, a year long project between Richard Wright and violinist Victoria Humphrey. The mix of violin driven pop and endearing ballads proved popular live, and translate brilliantly onto this 6 track EP.

Contact (e-mail) : Richard Wright       Mob : 07702 350476

Shopping List Celebrity                                                                        July 2002

1. Shopping List Celebrity

2. Lonely And Scared In Saigon

3. If You'll Have Me

4. Leaving

5. Life in the Bus Lane

Life in the Bus Lane                                                                         August 2001

1. If You Hate Me

2. Time We've Got

3. One Week Only

4. Just Once

5. Heart Of Hearts

6. You Stole

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