Ralph makes songs from the twisted side of the quiet way, across the road into your little dark hearts.

His "mutant folk's music ?" or "cross country" uses influences through Crowded House, Tom Waits and Velvet Underground to Johnny Cash.

Former mouthpiece of the outrageous trio Elvis On Mars, Ralph likes to use his words and pictures as an almost cinematic medium (definitive road movie material). Drummer, clumsy guitarist and practising faith healer, Ralph offers his first release on Lounge Records... "Don't Take Me Down The Disco".

"The anaesthetic's wearing off... Antarctica starts here !"... Good night dreamers.

Contact (e-mail) : Ralph Willey    Tel : 01342 314853

Don't Take Me Down The Disco                                                         June 2000

1. Automatic Man

2. East Of Me

3. Heartbreak Hotel

4. St Peter On The Purley Way

5. Harpo Sings !

6. Over The Moon

7. Brainiac

8. Hymn

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