Paul Connelly

After an itinerant childhood spent in Africa and the Middle East, Paul Connelly came back to settle in the UK, where he had been educated. Acting was his first love and provided the focus for his school and undergraduate years, whilst music, although central in importance for any bespotted youth who wished to retain a semblance of street cred with his peers, was relegated to the subs bench.

First romantic love changed all that. Challenged by his first girlfriend to accompany an old Caravan song that she had heard him sing with some kind of musical instrument, he, aided by indulgent parents, procured his first guitar, a Yamaha six string. It was the summer of '79.

For the next 20 odd years, whilst acting, the construction of a career in sales and the demands of meeting mortgage payments dominated his life, with music remaining a private therapy. Songwriting remained as it always had been, a response to the emotional ups and downs that effect us all. Frustration, low self esteem and under-achievement were the result.

In 2000 he woke up. Try it and fail if you have to, but try it all the same, is the lesson that he has learned. Blow me down with a potted plant, but sticking ones head up over the parapet is one hell of a giggle...

Contact (e-mail) : Paul Connelly       Mob : 07976 239163

December                                                                                            June 2002

1. December

2. Like A Child

3. Girls And Daisies

4. God Of Gravity

5. Just Too Late

Being Here                                                                                       August 2001

1. Not This Time

2. Heaven

3. Being Here

4. Disciple

5. Complicated

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