Nod is an act from singer-songwriter Peter Owden, accompanied by various musicians involved in the Lounge Records realm.

The songs come from the dark side and the heart, the baritone voice seeming almost anxious. Acoustic tunes mixed with various horrid sounds, loud screams and twisted thoughts about the world that is Nod.

To date having released four CDs (Luck Point, Live At The Lounge, Tread (single) and God Rot Your Tongue) Nod has been performing for eight years in Southern England and abroad.

A black suit, a bottle of white, eyes closed and off we go...

Contact (e-mail) : Peter Owden       Tel : 01342 316275       Mob : 07718 493746


God Rot Your Tongue                                                               December 2000

1. Tread

2. This Day Of Horror

3. (You're So Pretty When) You're Paranoid

4. Hurting People

5. Thin Boy

6. Corner Of Two Worlds

7. Wandering Star

8. Wishing My Life Away

9. Lining Of My Jacket

10. Nuclear Boomerang


Live At The Lounge                                                                         August 1999

1. So Long, Marianne

2. Thin Boy

3. You Are My Exorcist

4. Tomorrow Wendy

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